Comparing Browning’s AB3 and X-Bolt Rifles

Comparing Browning’s AB3 and X-Bolt Rifles

When you compare the Browning AB3 and X-Bolt rifles, numerous notable dissimilarities and similarities arise.


One instant distinction is their profiles. The X-Bolt boasts a sleeker appear, typically for its journal resting less than the bottom of the supply about the AB3. Moreover, the X-Bolt comes with a lower profile recipient, apparent from the greater placing of the AB3’s receiver over the bolt exhibiting inside the ejection slot.

Palm Swell

The two rifles offer a secure appropriate-fingers palm swell from the pistol hold portion of the supply. The By-Bolt’s inventory, even so, stands apart using its smoother finish from your Dura-Feel Armor coating, although this was stopped in 2019.

Bolt Relieve Control buttons

The bolt discharge button on both rifles is found on the left, leading rear from the recipient.

History and Identifying

It’s well worth clarifying the historical past and labeling conventions. The A-Bolt, unveiled in 1985, was been successful from the A-Bolt II in 1994, and then by the AB3 in 2012. Inspite of the AB3 being referred to as the A-Bolt III, it’s promoted as AB3. This modification signifies a tremendous leaving from the design of the A-Bolt II.


The AB3 features a leaf spring season journal with switching cartridges, whilst the By-Bolt makes use of a rotary-style newspaper, guaranteeing easy feeding with each chance.

Recoil Pads

Both rifles include the Inflex recoil cushion program, making it possible for easy modifications with Browning shims.

Induce Techniques

The AB3 uses a composite trigger and bring about defend set up, in contrast to the By-Bolt utilizes metallic set off and induce guard set up. Each give you a clean induce bust, with all the X-Bolt’s trigger simply being changeable.

Cost and make

The AB3 is situated as being a worth-oriented gun, valued under the superior-constructed By-Bolt plus a-Bolt models. As the AB3 may deficiency some of the beauty and parts of the X-Bolt, it guarantees dependability and reliability.

Eventually browning x bolt vs a bolt, the AB3 functions as a reputable workhorse gun, well suited for those searching for cost without sacrificing overall performance. Alternatively, the X-Bolt as well as a-Bolt types signify Browning’s top quality offerings, boasting outstanding build quality and beauty. Whether you choose the AB3 as being an entry-degree decision or love the By-Bolt for its superior features, each rifles assure a fulfilling capturing practical experience.

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