Virtual Data Room Features

Virtual data rooms are a beneficial tool for companies to facilitate sharing of documents. Virtual data rooms are secure and effective way to share sensitive data, whether during M&A due-diligence, or when external companies review documents of the company.

Due diligence

The M&A due diligence process is an essential business step and the sell-side requires to have a place to keep and share confidential documents with potential investors while keeping everything highly organized for easy viewing. Virtual data rooms offer an exclusive platform for managing the entire process of due diligence and ensure that all information is accessible to the appropriate people at the appropriate time.

Other Use Cases

There are a variety of situations where companies have to disclose information to third parties. For instance, in the course of an investigation into a legal matter or when seeking partnerships to create the next product or enter a different industry. A VDR is a great tool to share documents in these scenarios.

A quality VDR will have the following features essential to simplify the M&A due diligence process:


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