Hybrid Board Meetings

As board members return to in-person meetings and hybrid board meetings are the new norm. This new model allows the meeting to be held in person and remotely to reduce costs while increasing accessibility. No matter if your company chooses all-virtual meetings, meetings in person with remote attendees or both, it’s important to establish meeting rules and expectations to ensure everyone feels respected. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure the technology is optimally optimized, establishing clear guidelines for participation and establishing a clear purpose for communication.

Hybrid board meetings don’t come without challenges. Some board members might be irritated that they don’t get to be in the same room. Others may feel that their contributions are less meaningful because they’re not able to provide context for their peers. Experts in meeting design suggest that you concentrate on proactive measures to encourage collaboration. These include opening virtual rooms to encourage social interaction prior to and during meetings, and during breaks. Additionally, you can use tools such an online board portal to streamline your board’s activities.

The most frequent issue is the differing levels of technical knowledge among board members. Remote participants might not be included in the meeting, or their participation may be impeded by poor audio or video quality or an insufficient internet connection. You can help your board navigate these issues by training them on how to utilize technology and ensuring they have the right equipment in place prior to the meeting.

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