Corporate Virtual Data

Corporate virtual data is the information that companies share in a secure online environment. Documentation typically contains extremely sensitive, critical information that is of great value to the company or business sharing it. VDRs are often employed during M&A measures and due diligence, fundraising, and other events of the organization.

Life Sciences companies, such as http://dataroomcorp.com/what-is-a-collaborative-online-workspace/ pharmaceutical and biotech firms, have specific requirements for their online documents. They require a platform that is HIPAA compatible and FDA approved (business associates) and able to securely share documents among portfolio companies and auditors. VDRs provide these businesses with an encrypted, secure system which allows them to keep track of the download of documents and access. The ability to set time limits for access will ensure the privacy of this important field.

Due Diligence

During M&A the process, it is common to be required to disclose vast amounts of sensitive information to potential buyers. This requires an application that is secure and easy to navigate in order to streamline the process. VDRs make this possible, and make it easier for the process of completing an order.


Startups and other businesses who are looking to expand must frequently reveal confidential information to investors to secure funding. This can be a lengthy procedure that requires the deconstruction of thousands of documents. Virtual data rooms make it simple for investors to go through the documents, which ensures that the process is smooth and efficient. This can help increase the competition among bidders and could even boost the price of selling an organization.

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