The Importance of Planning and Programs Development

Planning is a crucial function that allows management to see the larger picture. It is essential to undertaking the other basic managerial functions such as organizing staffing, directing and coordinating. Many managers are disengaged from the planning process and fail to reap the benefits. This could be due to a deficiency in training or an inability to engage with this job.

Improved Decision Making

A plan can force management to look at the effects of their decisions. A plan helps to assess the potential risks and benefits of different choices, as it sets out specific goals. It also helps to keep track of the long-term effects of their actions such as what kind of investment they make today will affect the growth of the business in the next three years.

Increased Productivity

A clear plan allows people to break difficult tasks into manageable components, allowing them be completed in a shorter amount of time. This enables them to use their time more efficiently and decreases the chance of confusion.

A plan can also aid an organization identify its strengths and weaknesses in the market, allowing it to exploit expanding markets before competitors take advantage of the opportunity, and thus gaining an advantage of being the first to move. A clear and thorough plan can also serve as a framework for project work and help ensure that responsibilities are allocated efficiently and that the achievement of the key milestones is accounted for proactively.


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