Science and Business Integrated Programs

Research in the sciences has been the foundation for many of our most significant technological breakthroughs, from insulin to the Internet. It is logical that business and science must collaborate. Since, businesses must develop new technologies in order to survive and scientists benefit from the commercialization of their discoveries.

However, that’s not always the situation. Certain scientific discoveries aren’t commercialized. This could be due to the way innovation credit is allocated. For instance, a scientist could include his or her technician as a coinventor however, this doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual contribution each contributed to the research that led to the discovery. The differences in mindsets and goals which hinder free exchange of ideas are more important. Business speaks of sustainable profits, as an example but science is focused on an amount of sustainability which doesn’t lead to over-exploitation of resources.

Ultimately, the key to the achievement of business and science is collaboration. Businesspeople and scientists need to learn to understand each other’s language, listen to each other’s concerns, and discover new ways to bridge the gap between the two fields.

Top universities such as Woxsen offer integrated business and science courses that give students the best of both worlds. In these programs, students concentrate on a chosen subject area and enroll in courses that are part of the general management curriculum. This program provides the skills required to be successful in a variety of areas of business, including intellectual property management and mutual funds sales of technical products and many more.


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